High Pressure Toilet Plunger

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Unclog Even The Most Stubborn Drains!

"Put it together in about 45 seconds, pumped it up, stuck it in there and the toilet was draining like new. I was expecting to get some blowback of water, but there was none. I was absolutely astonished! - Liam Sharp

Why Buy Our High Pressure Toilet Plunger?

✅PLUNGES: Blast away any stubborn clogs from your sinks, toilets, sewer lines & more with our High Pressure Toilet Plunger! It can produce up to 120PSI of strength just by pumping it up and you can unclog it just by choosing the appropriate plunger head and push the button! More efficient & less frustrating to use than normal plungers!

✅VERSATILE: It has four swappable heads specifically designed for toilets, sinks, sewer lines & wash basins though they can be used for other clogs as long as the heads fit the drain. It also comes with three additional drain snakes for a pure hair clog problem. It even has a live barometer on it so you know exactly how much PSI you’re building up.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can it be used for sinks?

A: Yes, it can be used for sinks, toilets, sewer lines & wash basins.

Q: How do I inflate this?

A: Use the inflatable base & then you can start pumping.