High Accuracy Digital PH Meter

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Better Than PH Indicator Strips!

"Already pre-calibrated, unbox and directly to use. Very easy to operate and read the data. I have been using it to check the water for plants. It has worked perfectly so far. - Harry Bradley

Why Buy Our High Accuracy Digital PH Meter?

✅MEASURES: No more do you have to guess what shade of green, blue, or what have you with pH indicator strips, simply read them out on the LCD screen of our High Accuracy Digital PH Meter! Once it’s calibrated properly it works within seconds and now you can know the pH levels of your water accurately! It even comes pre-calibrated!

✅CONVENIENT: It’s small and easy to carry with you anywhere from a pool or an indoor garden! This makes it incredibly convenient and also comes with its own cap protector and case to keep the calibration working perfectly.

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📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do you calibrate it?

A: This is how:

  1. Before calibration, dissolve the pH4.00/ pH6.86/ pH9.18 buffer powder in 250ml of distilled water in a beaker and stir until fully dissolved.
  2. Press the ON/OFF button to power the meter.
  3. Immerse the electrode into the pH4.00/ pH6.86/ pH9.18 standard solution and wait for the readings to stabilize (usually 5-10 seconds).
  4. Press and hold the CAL button for 6 seconds, then release.
  5. The calibration is complete when the readings for pH4.00/ pH6.86/ pH9.18 stop flashing.

Q: Does it come with the packets for calibration?

A: Yes, it does come with it.