Heavy Duty Ratchet Load Binder

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Style: 1 Binder
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Secure Your Cargo!

"I'm not a strong person but I used this to secure my tractor. Being able to put the ratchet in neutral makes it so easy to use! - John Dawson

Why Buy Our Heavy Duty Ratchet Load Binder?

✅HOLDS: Hold down tight heavy loads with our Heavy Duty Ratchet Load Binder! It can hold up to 7,100 lbs and is perfect for those who want to easily do it and without strain. You can ratchet with the handle or the bar itself making it convenient to use compared to a lever binder. The handle folds as well once you’re done ratcheting or for storage.

✅VERSATILE: It is designed for Grade 70 & 80 chains sized 5/16” and ⅜”. This is useful for the vast majority of truckers and delivery drivers and you can get it in a set of 4 or simply one piece. It also satisfies the CVSA and DOT requirements, so you’re good to go!

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is this DOT-compliant?

A: Yes it is DOT and CVSA compliant.

Q: How much slack can this take up?

A: It is about 24 in. when the binder is closed and 30 in. when open.