Heavy Duty Kinetic Recovery Rope

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Size: 1" x 20 ft
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Save Your Vehicles From Being Stuck!

"I put it to the test! My buddy’s truck got stuck on the edge of a mud hole and I used this rope to pull him out. Got out nice and smooth, but strong! - Andrew Kaur

Why Buy Our Heavy Duty Kinetic Recovery Rope?

✅RECOVERY: Recover your vehicle from more situations than flat straps with our Heavy Duty Kinetic Recovery Rope! It stretches up to 30% and gives a kinetic jolt to the vehicle and frees your vehicle from otherwise impossible places. It can pull from UTVs, ATVs, Cars, Jeeps, Tractors & more!

✅DESIGN: You don’t have to worry about the performance of this rope as it requires forces of above 48,000 lbs to break it! This high-quality rope is made of 100% nylon N66, making it strong and durable. It comes in 20 ft and 30 ft varieties for different situations, it’s also small and compact enough to store in your vehicle comfortably.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What vehicles does it work with?

A: It works with UTVs, ATVs, Trucks, Cars, Jeeps, Tractors, etc..!

Q: How much does it stretch?

A: It stretches up to 30% of its length, 10% more than regular snatch straps.