Heavy Duty Heating & Shrinking Tool Kit

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Get A Quality Finish To Your Projects Every Time!

“I was genuinely blown away by how much I could get done with this. I love that I can adjust the heat setting and all the interchangeable pieces fit perfectly. I am a resin artist, and I highly suggest this. It’s great for removing hard objects or gunky things stuck. It comes in handy multiple times, and I use it daily with my projects!” - Tess Smith

Why Buy Our Heavy Duty Heating & Shrinking Tool Kit?

POWERFUL: Finish multiple DIY projects easily and get quality results using our hot air tool! Its two fan speeds provide strong power that can heat up quickly up to 1202℉ (650℃) and has an adjustable temperature dial, giving you complete airflow control to cater to your various needs.

VERSATILE: This kit comes with 4 different nozzles that can handle several crafts and projects you have. It can narrow heat patterns or direct a concentrated heat flow on a working surface and disperse heat flow evenly around the whole area, making it perfect for shrinking wrap, bending PVC, removing paint, and more. 

SAFE: It is ergonomically designed with a multi-grip handle and optimal weight distribution, minimizing user fatigue over long periods of use. It also has built-in overheating & overload protection that makes this tool safer and more reliable. 


Suitable Temperature Recommendations

  • Low
    120-300℉: Thaw frozen pipes
    400-440℉: Bend the plastics or soften the dry paint
    440-550℉: Soften the adhesive material
    790-830℉: Soften welding material
    900-950℉: Loosen rusted material
  • High
    960-1000℉: Remove paint
    1000-1200℉: Qualitative change

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How long is the cord?

A: It is 1.6 meters long.

Q: What is the diameter of the concentrated attachments?

A: It's 1.38 inches (35mm).

Q: Could I use this to weld seams on a plastic shower curtain?

A: Yes, it can be used as an auxiliary tool to weld seams.