Heavy Duty Hand Water Pump

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Pump Out Water!

I got this to pump water out of a 55 gallon drum, it works great! - Joshua Turner

Why Buy Our Heavy Duty Hand Water Pump?

✅PUMP: Remove every single ounce of water in troublesome places easily with our Heavy Duty hand Water Pump! You can put this in bodies of water 36 inches deep and it’ll work great & just as reliable for you. It removes 37 ounces of water in each pump so you can expect to use this even for gallons of water.

✅CONVENIENT: It has a compact & slim build which makes it ideal for annoying places you can’t just use a water bucket on. You can use this for washing machines that have accidentally flooded, valve boxes, toilets, boats & more! You’ll thank yourself for having this on the go as it can really save you in tight spots where the water would’ve caused a lot of damage to your property!

✅DESIGN: It comes with a 72” long outlet hose for you to move the water where you please. The mud pad also filters out any undesirable rocks & debris. It’s made of lightweight yet durable aircraft aluminum & it’s easy to clean up & store. Ideal for both home and professional applications. It is easily fully disassembled for you to clean, especially when used in unsanitary areas!

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will this pump work for 55 gal water barrels?

A: Yes, it’ll work fine for 55 gallons!

Q: Are the fasteners made of stainless steel for salt water use?

A: No metal fasteners and yes this is good for saltwater/marine use.