Heavy Duty Clothesline Kit

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Easily Dry Your Clothes In A Natural Way!

“We needed just over 70’ of line. This package did the trick and is absolutely a game-changer. Wheels were easy to install, but you need 2 people to hold the line end to end, then one person to adjust the tension. Very sturdy so far, even with ocean breezes blowing the hung laundry.” - Tyler Winston

Why Buy Our Heavy Duty Clothesline Kit?

RELIABLE: Our clothesline kit can make drying your clothes an easy and efficient task! Naturally, drying your clothes outdoors can help you save up to 30% of energy use and reduce your electric bills. It ensures that your laundry smell light and fresh; and last longer without fading its colors.

EASY OPERATION: It has everything you need to create your very own clothesline system. Simply screw the metal hook in the structure, then hang the pulley on the hook. Install the clothesline wire and pass it through the 2 pulleys, join the ends of the wireline in the mini winch, and tighten it. Once installed, you can shake your wet clothes, clip them on, & let the sun and fresh air do the rest.

QUALITY DESIGN: This kit is made of durable galvanized steel cable and PVC coating, ensuring it can withstand multiple uses for a long time. Its metal line can extend up to 150 FT and is flexible. Perfect for drying hand-washed items, delicate clothing, linens, and other heavy items that may be too bulky for the indoor dryer.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can this system be used to hang bird feeders to keep squirrels out?

A: Yes, it can, but we don’t recommend it, as this is intended to easily and safely hang your clothes to dry. 

Q: Is the length 150ft long? The complete loop is 300ft, right?

A: The total length of the cable is 150 ft for a 75' loop.

Q: Is this retractable?

A: No