Half Moon Wrench Set

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Wrench Weird & Awkward Angles!

"I've always fought with the upper transfer case bolts on four-wheel drive trucks and jeeps. But with these, it's no longer a problem! - Jamie Bell

Why Buy Our Half Moon Wrench Set?

✅HALF-MOON: Have no problem getting around tight and awkward spaces with our Half Moon Wrench Set! From the name, it has a unique half-moon shape that makes it specifically designed to be able to get around obstacles. This makes otherwise jobs that would give you a headache a lot more efficient & easier overall.

✅12 POINT: The 12-Point box end geometry applies force to the flat sides of fastener heads rather than the corners and prevents damaging round-off. Fit perfectly on nuts and bolts of the same size, with no slope and slippage.

✅DESIGN: It comes in 5 pieces that have two different-sized wrenches at each end. It has 5/16''x11/32'', 3/8''x13/32'', 7/16''x1/2'', 9/16''x5/8'', 11/16''x3/4'' wrench sizes. Each and every one of them is made from premium chrome vanadium steel that is heat-treated and drop-forged making them last an incredibly long time!

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What are the lengths of each wrench?

A: 8*10mm wrench's length: 117mm

11*13mm wrench's length: 168mm

14*15mm wrench's length: 194mm

17*19mm wrench's length: 240mm

21*22mm wrench's length: 261mm

Q: How many socket points does it have?

A: It has a 12-point socket design.