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I'm doing my own wall repairs, and this grout float was the right firmness for the 1/16" grout lines I was doing on hardwood tile. This is a float that I would strongly recommend to everyone! This is a high-quality product that is important for grouting! – Allen Walker

How does this work? 🧐

✅ Convenient: Extend grout through the joints of tiles or wales. Ideal for drywall compound, stucco, concrete, or grout finishing or smoothing. Made for better control, it’s designed with a beveled edge with rounded front edges; squared-off back corners ensure full grout coverage.

Grout Float Ideal for smoothing stucco
Grout Float smoothing concrete and grout
Grout Float

✅ Durable: The pad is made up of thick black foam rubber (EVA) and white rubber, and it provides better cushioning, it is lightweight and smooth. The thick rubber pad is bonded to the non-stick gum rubber face, ensuring a smooth application and quick cleanup.

Grout Float

✅ Comfortable: The TPR handle is easy to carry and non-slip while in use, making it the ideal handheld size. The tightly fixed handle can withstand 26.5 lbs (12 kg) tension for one minute without falling off.


Grout Float

🧾 Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What are the size of the product?
A: The bottom pad is 12-inch by 4-inch, and the handle is 8-inch wide.

Q: Can I use this for epoxy grout?
A: This rubber grout float is not suitable for epoxy grout

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