12 oz Gaps and Cracks Foam

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Seal Gaps and Cracks Easily😄👌

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"I used it to solve a problem with standard caulking material that wouldn't fill a wide gap between an indoor pillar and adjacent drywall. This is a fantastic solution that easily fills the wide gap I have and you can still use it for up to 30 days after the first application! Avoids too much waste and very simple to use" - Clint Harris

12 oz Gaps and Cracks Foam

How Efficient is this Foam? 🧐

Convenient: Just pull the trigger to dispense foam as needed and when you release it, the straw tip will close, stopping the flow. There will be no more drips and less mess. This foam is reusable for 30 days.  

12 oz Gaps and Cracks Foam

Easy to Use: The foam will fill in any gaps or cracks in your house. Simply put on some gloves, connect the dispenser, shake the can, flip it over, place the tip where you want to dispense, and pull the trigger.

12 oz Gaps and Cracks Foam

Flexible: Gives you more control over the flow of the foam you're dispensing. Apply to gaps, cracks, and holes on wood, metal, electrical outlet, and plumbing areas.


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📝Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the foam size as it expands?
A: The foam will fill, seal, and insulate gaps up to 1” in diameter.

Q: How long would it take for the foam to dry?
A: The foam will take 10-15 mins to dry.

Q: Can you paint it after it dries up?
A: Yes, it can be painted.

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