Floor Jack Installation Tool

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Easily Push or Pull Floor Installations

Awesome tool! It was a great way to ensure that the flooring was tight when it was adjacent to a wall and the board was bowed.”
- Liam K.

Why Buy Our Floor Jack Installation Tool?

✅DURABLE: It features a steel jack, has hardened dual gear mechanism, and a spring-loaded ratchet mechanism for locking.

EFFICIENT: It has a push or pull design that can be used to push or pull flooring strips into place. This hands-free tool for hardwood flooring or nailing can be used with any thickness of the floor.

CONVENIENT: It has felt-protected bottom and end surfaces to prevent flooring damage during the installation of hardwood floors. Always have straight floorboards by bringing crooked planks into place for nailing

📝Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is this suitable for straightening wood wall studs before nailing sheathing?

A: This could be used for that application if the lower section of the jack can be referred to establish a foot hold so the tool can push.

Q: Will it lock when set?

A: Yes, the locking mechanism is a ratchet. The ratcheting mechanism is simple to operate (ratchet downward to force, push lever utmost forward to release gear drive mechanism).