Flexible Probe Inspection Camera

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Size: 10 ft long
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See What’s Wrong!

You will definitely need this because the camera clarity is so clear that you may not know exactly what you are looking at but the led adjustment will help you! - Joel Wagner

Why Buy Our Flexible Probe Inspection Camera?

✅INSPECT: Get a good view of what’s wrong with your machines, cars, homes or wires behind drywall with our Flexible Probe Inspection Camera! It has an integrated camera that you can review in real-time what’s wrong & assess the situation accurately! This gives you a much more versatile way of diagnosing faults & breakdowns of machines.

✅INTEGRATED: It’s all integrated meaning you don’t have to do any sort of third-party applications that are janky & incredibly frustrating to use! All you have to do is turn it on & start recording & it comes with a 32 gig micro SD that you can use to check footage. You can even connect it to your computer to check it that way, it’s very convenient!

✅CAMERA: Switch effortlessly between two 70-degree cameras, granting you a 140-degree panoramic view—perfect for exploring sideways and forwards. Achieve razor-sharp imagery at 1-4 inches (3-10cm) focal length, ensuring unparalleled clarity with this advanced endoscope camera with exceptional lighting.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can you move the camera remotely?

A: No you cannot, but you can switch which camera lens you're looking through to get a better view.

Q: Can you connect this to a laptop?

A: Yes, through a micro-usb.