Finger Protecting Nail Pliers

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Avoid Hammering Accidents!

"The indentations and the stabilizers keep the nail headed in the right direction and not on my finger! It goes into the wood where it was meant to go. These are well worth their price. - Owen Burke

Why Buy Our Finger Protecting Nail Pliers?

✅HOLDS: Reduce the chances of any accidents with your fingers & hammers with our Finger Protecting Nail Pliers! It holds and clamps down the nails tight as you simply need to open it up and put the appropriate nail in the correct slot. With your hands holding on to the pliers, this significantly reduces any sort of accident!

✅VERSATILE: This has slots that range from 0.5-6mm diameter nails. There is also a thicker part of the plier that also prevents your nails from bending! It’s also small and fits in your toolbox and is incredibly lightweight! It’s made from durable plastic & won’t crack when hit by the hammer!

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does it hold screws in place too?

A: It depends if the screw has a smooth part to hold on to.

Q: Can this be used for roofing nails?

A: If it is within 6mm or smaller in diameter then yes.