EV Charger Connector Holster Dock

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Dock Your EV Charger Right!

"Have this mounted on my garage. Works great as I don't need to open the garage door to get the cord to start charging. Would buy again.” - Jack Barrett

Why Buy Our EV Charger Connector Holster Dock?

✅DOCK: Keep your EV charger neat & tidy just by aligning, screwing, and installing the dock! This effectively prevents tripping hazards and ensures a secure charging environment. You don’t have to worry about walking all over your cables or having to uncoil the cables just to plug them into your car!

✅DESIGN: This is crafted from anti-corrosive powder-coated steel and robust ABS material. This product is designed to endure the elements from rain to snow. Compatible with all SAE J1772 connectors, it provides ultimate protection, keeping your charger connector conductor pins shielded & protected!

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will this work for a Rivian charger?

A: Yes, this product fits all SAE J1772 connectors.

Q: Can this plug into an RV outlet?

A: This is just a holder, not the charger.