Electric Air Balloon Pump

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Easily Inflate Balloons In Seconds!

“This pump was a game-changer for creating a balloon tree! It was really fast! Easy to use, one person inflated and the other tied off. It worked great with regular round balloons, as well as, large mylar number balloons. Great little machine, and so far, after 300+ balloons, it still works great. I highly recommend it!” - Beatrice Lopez

Why Buy Our Electric Air Balloon Pump?

EASY TO USE: Easily inflate hundreds of decorative latex balloons in no time with our quality electric air pump! It can inflate different-sized balloons thanks to the practical dual-nozzle design. Simply turn it on, attach your balloon, choose your inflation mode, and start inflating! Fits any latex & decorative balloons.

PORTABLE: This air balloon pump features a portable and compact size and design with an easy-to-grip handle so you can take it to your party location for on-site balloon filling. Create a warm atmosphere for the party and enjoy a nice time.

VERSATILE: It has built-in storage for your wire and an automatic protection device that disconnects the power supply if unattended. Its two operation modes (automatic and manual) can help you get the job done much faster & easier than blowing it with your mouth. Perfect for birthday parties, celebrations, wedding preparations, festivals, and more.


  • Please choose the right mode for your balloons. If the automatic mode is too fast, then switch to a manual (press-on) mode. When using the manual mode, just simply plug in the pump, leave the power switch in an "off" position, and press the nozzle to inflate. If you stop pressing it, inflation will stop as well.
  • Please be aware that this product will only fill the balloons with air, not helium or hydrogen.
  • This only works on latex and decorative balloons. We don’t recommend using it on foil, rubber, and long balloons.
  • DO NOT use it for inflatable beds, boats, and other BIG inflatable things.
  • DO NOT continuously work it for more than half an hour. 

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does this work on balloons that need helium or just air balloons?

A: This little device only uses air to inflate a balloon, not helium. 

Q: Can this machine blow up 36" balloons?

A: Yes, it can.

Q: How many balloons does it fill?

A: As many as you want, but it can fill two balloons at a time.