Elastic Truck Bed Cargo Net

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Style: Single Layer Elastic Truck Bed Cargo Net
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Secure Your Cargo!

"Stretchy enough to cover anything. I’ve used boxes and branches under this. Works extremely well, I love it! - Brian Goff

Why Buy Our Elastic Truck Bed Cargo Net?

✅CARGO NET: Avoid your cargo from falling or sliding around your truck bed with our Elastic Truck bed Cargo Net! No more hassle of lashing and tying down your small loads, this simply hooks to your truck bed & keeps it in place no matter how big or small the cargo. This allows you to hit the road swiftly and conveniently.

✅DESIGN: Securing the cargo net is easy, simply hook it up to the various holes your truck bed provides. No need for multiple setups, this only needs to be placed once. It also has a double net variant, providing convenient storage for light and small items in the interlayer, adding versatility to your cargo solutions.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will it fit on a roof rack 40x67?

A: Yes, it will fit just right with that size.

Q: Does it come with a storage bag?

A: Yes, it does.