Dual Monitor Desk Mount

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Easy multitasking with this dual monitor desk mount!

Sick of having to switch through tabs while researching something? Feel like you aren’t working as efficiently as you can? Do you think you could work faster and more effectively?

Well, with a Dual Monitor Desk Mount, of course you can!

Why do you need a Dual Monitor Desk Mount?

Ideal for the quintessential multitasker, a dual monitor desk mount allows you to use two screens at the same time while working on your computer!

Doesn’t sound appealing? Well imagine working on some research and you have to keep switching between tabs to write down your findings.

Or maybe you’re a gamer who wants to chat with his friends while playing.

Normally, these would be troublesome to do. But a dual monitor desk mount enables you to work on two things at the same time! Saving you time, energy and space in your workplace!


Why buy our Dual Monitor Desk Mount?

2 Monitors, 1 Stand: Using one stand, you save a lot of desk space, not to mention with a glance, you can easily keep track of your tasks! No need to move your head!

Efficient: A 2 monitor setup essentially allows you to work on 2 things at the same time! Or makes it easier to switch between tasks, making your time management more efficient.

Wide Range of Movement: The Adjustable arm offers +80° to -90° tilt, 180° swivel, 360° rotation, and height adjustment along the center pole. Allowing you to watch from any position!

Neat Wiring: It also comes with Wiring Brackets to keep your wires in order and keep your workspace neat!

C-Clamp or Grommet: With two installation options, you can take your pick and see which setup suits you best!


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How will I know if this can hold my monitor?

A: Make sure that the monitor you are planning to mount is less than 22 lbs, in between 13”-27” in size and have 100x100mm backside mounting holes.

Q: Can I use this for my TV Monitor?

A: Yes, as long as the monitor fits the required weight and size limitations.

How To Assemble:

C-Clamp Installation:

  1. Assemble the C-Clamp first by joining together the base and the C-Clamp by tightening the bolts with the Allen keys provided.

  2. Attach the vertical stand to the base by tightening the bolts with the Allen Key.

  3. Insert the arms over the top of the vertical stand and tighten the bolts in the back once adjusted to the desired height.

  4. Screw the vesa plates to the back of your monitors.

  5. Clamp the wiring brackets along the arms of your desk mount.

  6. Clamp your C-Clamp tightly over the edge of the table.

  7. Slide your monitor to fit the vesa slot on the mount arms. Tighten by placing the bolt on top of the vesa slot in the back of your monitor.

Grommet Installation.

  1. Place the grommet plate underneath the grommet in your table.

  2. Screw it into the mount base to attach.

  3. Follow the rest of the assembly steps above.


  • Product Dimensions: 24.2 x 12.5 x 5.3 inches

  • Item Weight: 9 lbs

Package Inclusions:

  • 1 x Dual Monitor Desk Mount

  • 1 x C-Clamp

  • 1 x Grommet Installation Plate

  • Screws and Allen Keys for Installation

A 2 screen setup is essential for people who want to increase their productivity and work more efficiently. It allows them to save time by working on two things and have a smoother workflow. Not to mention, a 2 screen mount looks cool.

So why wait? Get yours NOW!