Dual-Head Work Lights

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Light Up Your Space!

I am extremely impressed with how much light it puts out. The fact that it is LED helps so much! - Victor Daniels

Why Buy Our Dual-Head Work Lights?

✅LIGHT: Working at night or early morning? You’ll need some good lights, like our Dual Head Work Lights! It has a powerful 20,000 lumen capacity which makes it great at lighting up large construction sites or shooting ranges. It has two heads which you can decide just how much brightness you need or even light up two different places at once!

✅VERSATILE: It’s incredibly adjustable, you can make it shorter or taller based on your work site. You can even rotate the light head & make it point anywhere you want! Combined with the long 10 feet power cord this light allows you to take it anywhere & set it up the way you want however you want!

✅DESIGN: It has LED lights which means it’s brighter, lower heat & saves you from electricity costs. The back rib design helps even more on controlling the heat which makes it possible to operate in the direct sun for hours on end! The lights are tempered glass & has a sealed switch, it’s high quality & heavy duty.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can the work light be used for long periods of time? For example more than 2 hours?

A: Yes, it is not a problem to use it for long periods of time.

Q: Is this chargeable?

A: No, it is plug in only.