Dual Drive Breaker Bar

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Size: 16" Length Dual Drive Breaker Bar
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Two Drives In One!

"Got a tough bolt loose after 2 days of trying. Well, a little torch heat plus the bar and an extension pipe. Brakes done! Dual socket size is a big plus too.” - Marcus Ayers

Why Buy Our Dual Drive Breaker Bar?

✅BREAKER BAR: Be ready on the road with our Dual Drive Breaker Bar! It has both drives of ⅜” and ½” making it extremely convenient to use in an emergency or just as a quick tool in the workshop. It has a long handle of 24” or 16” depending on which you pick, giving you enough torque to handle any stuck lug nuts.

✅DESIGN: It has a 360-degree rotating flexible drive making it easy to angle yourself in the best way possible. The drive itself is made of the best CR-V steel that is electroplated making it extremely durable. The ball itself is spring-loaded making it easy to use different matching sockets.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What size are the drives?

A: They are ⅜” and ½”

Q: How long are the handles?

A: We have two options of 24” and 16” long.