Dual Band Ham Radio

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Communicate Anywhere Anytime!

Easy to use, several functions, have yet to stop using it since received! Have only charged it once in 2 days of use so far! - Justin Herring

Why Buy Our Dual Band Ham Radio?

✅RADIO: Be prepared in an emergency or just communicate in low cellphone reception areas with our Dual Band Ham Radio! It’s an amateur radio that allows you to connect to most relevant services such as information channels & emergency channels. It does all of this while being able to listen to two bands and talk to them as well.

✅STORAGE: This is an incredibly expansive handheld radio as it can hold up to 128 channels at once. This makes it incredibly convenient for those who are bouncing around channels as a hobby or for their job. It’s also highly programmable and even comes included with a USB adapter for your computer. This can be as simple and as complicated as you want!

✅PRIVACY: It is DTMF encoded & VOX function alongside incorporating 105 codes DCF and 50 privacy codes CTCSS programmable. This helps reduce interference and allows radios to filter out unwanted signals that do not carry the specified digital code. Users can customize and program specific digital or sub-audible tones to enhance privacy, reduce interference, and enable selective calling features in their communication.

✅DESIGN: It includes everything you need from batteries, ear pieces, programming cable, belt clip, user manual & more! It does all of this while being an incredibly high-quality & durable ham radio that’s accessible to a lot of people with its price point. It’s highly customizable & adjustable to your needs alongside with a big 3800 mAh extended battery that will keep you going for a long time.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does this radio support split frequency operation to connect to repeaters?

A: Yes, it does.

Q: Can you use chirp to program this HT?

A: Yes, you can.

Q: Do you need an FCC license for this radio?

A: You will need an FCC license to use (transmit) on the Ham, commercial and GMRS frequencies. You do not need a license for the FRS frequencies. It is against FCC rules to use this radio on the FRS frequencies.