Drywall Electric Sander

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We have been finishing some walls in our garage and wow it is a lot of work to sand all the texture. Told my husband to get this electric sander to do the job for us. It's easy to use and actually comes with a hose to help control the dust.- Abby Walters

Why Buy Our Drywall Electric Sander? 👍

Powerful: Features a 750W high power motor and 6 variable speeds that can be adjusted from 800 to 1750rpm allowing you to optimize grinding efficiency for different situations. 

Convenient: This Drywall Electric Sander has built-in LED lights that allow you brighter working conditions, a telescopic extension rod for sanding the ceiling easily while standing on the ground, and a detachable chassis edge that is designed for sanding corners. 

Efficient: Has an Automatic Vacuum System that can absorb 99.99% dust while sanding walls which is due to the circle of brushes around the head that helps sweep dust from the wall and contains it under the sanding head. 


📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How many sandpapers are included?

A: There are 12 sandpapers included.

Q: How long is the telescopic extension?

A: It can extend from 4.5 to 6.5 feet.

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