Doweling Jig

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Make drilling an easy peasy job!

Why do we need DOWELING JIG?

Carpentry, DIY, and professional jobs that involve woods makes the work a bit trickier. We can drill into them alright, but sometimes we don’t get it right. We destroy the woods or we just simply can’t drill the hole that we want to.

But when you got something like a Doweling Jig it makes the whole world of difference.

It gives you precise areas and measurement to drill on. It serves as a pattern and a template at the same time.

So no more misaligned holes or broken woods that just waste your money and destroy your works.

Why buy our DOWELING JIG?

Aside from the fact that this makes the work easier there will be no more guessing or doing the hard work of measuring and pinpointing where to drill the hole. Because let us be honest even if we make cross-sections we still can’t check if the hole we are drilling is in the right place.

This fixture drilling tool gives a precise position to drill into. Creates a pattern that you can strictly follow and work with. It also has a clasp to make sure that the Fixture Drilling Tool is in place and not moving when the drilling is going on.

It has multiple holes that you can use as patterns to drill into and it can fit up to 2 inches of a thickness of the wood. It has 3 different sizes of bushings to choose from ⅜ inches, 7/16 inches, and ½ inches.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

Question: What does the Doweling Jig do?
Answer: Easily and accurately find the center of a board’s edge every time. This makes it the perfect tool for both mortise and tenon layout and drilling aligned dowel joint holes. Save time and effort from measuring the distance between holes.

Question: How does this Doweling Jig help?
Answer: This tool eliminates all the guesswork out of precisely marking-out mortise and tenon joints that are centered exactly on your wood. This doweling jig has two, precision-machined parallel arms that can easily be adjusted to the wood thickness, placing the center bar exactly on the center of the material.

Question: How to use the Doweling Jig?
Answer: Simply align the precision-machined notches on the jigs doweling bar, hold the jig and drill. Slide the jig to the next location, align and drill. No need to clamp the jig or tighten knobs as many doweling jigs needed.

Question: How to set the start and stop point of the holes?
Answer: Simply attach the doweling jig adjustable end-stop for drilling two or three precisely spaced holes on your wood. The handy inch/millimeter scale lets you accurately set the desired stop position.

Question: How to drill more than 3 equal space holes?
Answer: The second alignment feature lets you drill a series of equally spaced holes along the edge of stock or wood. Just drop the supplied pin in the dowel bar, insert the pin in a hole and continue drilling. The doweling jig comes with 3 sizes of drill bushings, 3/8”, 7/16” and ½”.

Question: What size of stock or wood can fit the Doweling Jig?
Answer: The parallel arms open to accommodate different thickness of wood or stock from 11/16 Inch to 2 inches (17mm to 50mm). It comes with 3 sizes of drill bushings to match on the thickness of the wood or stock.

Package Includes:
*1 doweling jig

Never find yourself guessing or missing the right spot again to drill because DOWELING JIG is here to stay. 

Fix and work that's how it makes your life easier. Saves you time and money by making sure that you are drilling the right way!