Dent Light Reflector

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Quickly Spot That Dent!

Nothing is worse than getting a dent in your truck or car, especially if it is the first one in a new vehicle. We can take the utmost care of our cars, but there will be instances—whether it’s out on the road or in a parking lot—when we’ll hit or get hit by another vehicle.

However you got your dent or ding, the next thing on your mind is, undoubtedly, how to get it out.

This Dent Light Reflector will definitely help you, not just to quickly spot the dents on your car, but remove dents successfully

Why buy our Dent Light Reflector?

This tool is a great dent repair assistant! 

It gives a better visual idea of the size and depth of the dents to be repaired and provides great assistance in making the dent or distorted image uniform again.

The Dent Light Reflector is designed to be portable for easy storage.

Easy to use that it can just be plugged to a portable charger (Power Bank) with its USB type cord.

Work even at dark places. It has built-in LED light that provides good lighting for proper visual.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How does it work?
Answer: The Dent Light Reflector is used to have visual information of the dent on the surface, the LED reflector produces light that becomes distorted or shadow will appear where the dent is located.

Question: Does it have a stand and can it be adjusted?
Answer: It has a flexible monopod that can adjust the angle of the reflector 360 degrees according to the position of the dent on the surface. 

Question: Can it only be used with vehicles?
Answer: It can be used in any planar metals surface. It is suggested to use on glossy surfaces to ensure the reflection of the lines produced by the dent reflector.

Question: Is it suitable for indoor or outdoor use?
Answer: Yes, it
 is built with LED light to help you fix your vehicle’s dents whether you are in garage, shop, and even allow you to work late at night. 

❗ Note: If the distortion of lines are parallel or uniform again, it means the dent is repaired!

Package Inclusion:

1 x Reflector Board

To achieve a dentless car, Dent Light Reflector is an essential tool for you. Having a correct light set up is the key to remove dents successfully.