De-Icer for Livestock Containers

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De-Ice Your Water!

It has been between 20 - 30 degrees Fahrenheit for several nights and the water has not frozen, really great! - Jason Dillon

Why Buy Our De-Icer for Livestock Containers?

✅DE-ICER: Having trouble with your livestock’s water containers freezing over? Get our De-icer for Livestock Containers to fix that issue right up! Keeps the container’s waters drinkable with its 250 watts heating capacity being able to keep 25 gallons of water unfrozen even in the dead of winter. Even great for people with bird baths to keep it warm & attractive for birds!

✅AUTOMATIC: This has a built-in thermostatic control that automatically turns on when needed. This saves you from having to go out & operate this in the middle of winter while also saving you on expensive electricity costs. This makes it incredibly easy to setup & remove.

✅DESIGN: It’s made from highly conductive aluminum which transfers heat incredibly well. This lets it operate effectively without damaging the container it’s in. The cords are safe from water exposure & its design allows it to be able to be practically put anywhere from hanging water drip stations to troughs. 

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will this work with overez automatic chicken waterer 12 gallon?

A: Yes, it can handle up to 25 gallons of water.

Q: Can I drill a hole for the plug end to pass through, and seal the hole? Purpose-keep horses from chewing on cord.

A: If you mean drill a hole in the water trough, yes so long as the heater sits on the bottom of it. The heater is waterproof up to the plug, just don't get the plug too near any water. Plug should be above the water line.