Cordless Water Transfer Pump

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Transfer Water Easily!

I am blown away by the speed that this can transfer liquids from one location to another! It's easy to set up and use as well! - Alex Graves

Why Buy Our Cordless Water Transfer Pump?

✅PUMP: You no longer have to make water bucket trips removing water with our Cordless Water Transfer Pump! Simply insert it into the body of water that you want to remove and turn it on. It moves a huge amount of water in minutes that would’ve taken you hours and countless trips in between. It’s a simple yet effective tool for those flooded parts of your home.

✅POWER: This specific pump doesn’t need to be connected to a power source, it works by itself with a battery & pumps all on its own without any need for supervision. You can set it to work in 5, 10 or 15 minute long timers and once it hits the set limit, it automatically turns itself off. It’s incredibly convenient, simply set it up and let it do its thing then come back later with a dry surface!

✅DESIGN: This has a great design with a 36 inch submersible barrel that’s great for various types of bodies of water whether it be pools or basements. This fits with any ¾” garden hose and you can further dictate where you want the water to go. It even includes a removable sediment filter for a cleaner water output.

❗ Reminder ❗

  • This doesn't include a Milwaukee 18v battery, which is required for it to work.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does it include the battery?

A: No it does not, you would need to purchase a separate Milwaukee 18v battery.

Q: Is it suitable for deep water?

A: Absolutely! The 36-inch submersible barrel allows you to reach deep and challenging spots with ease.