Compression Ankle Hot & Cold Wrap

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Get Some Ankle Pain Relief!

This ankle wrap is incredibly comfortable and easy to use! Relieves pain and the hot/cold insert fits in the wrap without any effort! - Gavin Sanders

Why Buy Our Compression Ankle Hot & Cold Wrap?

✅COMPRESSION: Reduce ankle swelling pain with our Compression Ankle Hot & Cold Wrap! This makes your recovery journey easier as it gives you some much needed relief for you to start rehabilitating your damaged muscles. It restrains your foot movement, preventing irritating the damaged area more & helps it heal more consistently.

✅VERSATILE: You can choose to heat up or freeze the included gel pack with the product. This promotes blood flow on your ankle, which eases the muscles. This works for both ankles, left or right and on both females and males. You can simply put it on and inflate it to perfectly fit your feet, easy to set up & use.

✅DESIGN: It covers the entire foot completely which stabilizes your ankle. It has two strong fastener straps that’ll stay tight even when you try to move your foot around. The straps are adjustable for your exact fit & overall the wrap is comfortable & durable enough for you to use for years.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does it also fit women?

A: Yes, the fitment is universal for both men, women, left foot or right foot.

Q: Can you still walk around using this?

A: You will have a hard time moving around with this properly wrapped around your ankle.

Q: Can you microwave the gel pack?

A: It’s fine to microwave the gel pack to heat it up or freeze it in the freezer.