Caster Office Chair Wheels (Set of 5)

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"I was kinda nervous spending that much cash through social media on these wheels. But I was greatly relieved when I saw the quality..."  - Reilly Reid

 High Capacity: Each wheel can handle 130 lbs of weight, for a total of 650 lbs maximum capacity with all five wheels! Giving you wide applications with your chairs! The polyurethane casting and steel bearings keep the pressure distributed AND are made to not get scratches on your floors! These wheels will last longer than your average office chair wheels.

 Smooth Motion: The modern rollerblade caster construction gives you smooth swivel action, making sure that your wheels don’t get stuck during use!

✅ Noise Free: These wheels are designed to dampen noise and squeaks! Say goodbye to squeaky wheels!

✅ Universal Fit: These wheels fit with almost all office chair types and can be installed by simply popping them in place!

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