Carpet Knee Kicker

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Get Flush Carpets!

I'm a 62 year old woman and didn't want to hurt my knees, so I used a hammer to place the carpet on my stairs with this kicker. Easy to use! - Sarah Murray

Why Buy Our Carpet Knee Kicker?

✅CARPET: Position & install your carpets easily with our Carpet Knee Kicker! It makes it easy to position & tuck your carpets making for an incredibly flush fit that’s fit for a home! This makes it easy to fix loose carpets without having to pay for expensive labor.

✅PROTECT: It has a soft yet firm pad that protects your knees from short-term or long-term damage! It’s not too soft as you can feel the metal behind but firm enough so you can get a good knee in to firmly position your carpet.

✅DESIGN: Crafted with lightweight aluminum and steel this has real sturdiness without the added bulk. Glide through your projects with ease thanks to the soft foam comfort grip handle, ensuring a comfortable grip that lasts, making carpet installation a breeze.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is this to stretch out carpets?

A: While you could use it for that purpose, it is not designed for that. The teeth are angled forward to help grip and hold the carpet. They are not straight as the kicker is not intended to pull or stretch carpet to remove wrinkles.

Q: Will the grips on these damage the carpet?

A: No, they will not.