Car Power Socket Splitter

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A Great Device To Conveniently Use Multiple Car Accessories Simultaneously!

Improvements in technology have made more devices available at your disposal and you are more than likely going to need to charge them while driving. 

Usually, as a regulation, dash cams are required in your car thus leaving you with no slot to charge your devices, hence the need for a Car Power Socket Splitter.

Why do you need a Car Power Socket Splitter?

Multiple devices can charge simultaneously. This is, of course, the obvious advantage of having a car power socket alongside a splitter.

Plugging in a splitter to your car power socket can charge most electronics at over double the speed of an average charger.

Car Power Socket Splitter can be extended to the back seat. There's not much point in owning a splitter if your backseat passengers aren't able to take advantage of this cutting-edge technology too.  

Not just for charging, you can also plug in 2 car seat warmers so that both driver and passenger can be cozy during the winter months.  Multiple appliances can function at the same time such as dashcams, seat gap storages, car vacuum, and more. 

Why buy our Car Power Socket Splitter?

With 2 car power sockets and 2 USB ports, you could charge 4 devices at the same time without worrying about how to distribute the charging port.

2 USB ports: It provides 2.1A current output/port for charging requirements for iPad, Samsung, Huawei, tablet PCs, and other electronic devices.

The middle socket in this 3 socket design is for the voltage real-time voltage monitor. 

With the over-current, over-voltage, and short-circuit protection, the built-in fuse of the car charger would timely cut off the current to protect your car.  

Compatible with both 12V and 24V DC car power sockets: They provide a total power up to 100W, used to plug three FM Transmitters simultaneously or multiple car appliances.

The easy-on, off and control buttons let you connect all your devices quickly and you won’t have to plug in and out every time, this reduces the wear and tear of your car power socket. 

The 27.56-inch cord accommodates everyone inside the vehicle. This handy feature beats USB ports installed into your vehicle hands down due to the ability to move it about.

The majority of cars will only have one car power socket at the front of the car. This can be a problem when multiple electric devices require electrical charge.

The number of driving aids, comforting products, and personal belongings that need charging is increasing daily. 

The majority of drivers would benefit from owning a Car Power Socket Splitter for long journeys and traveling with other passengers.