Car Mini Garbage Bin

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Make Your Car Less Disgusting!

Neat little garbage cans, closed little garbage can, with an easy push open garbage slot, keeps the garbage safely enclosed, easy to install and easy to maintain, come equipped with a roll of garbage bags for the can, sharp and well worth the $$! - George M.

Why Buy Our Car Mini Garbage Bin?

COMPACT: Looking for a compact car trash can that's not bulky, cheap, or unsightly? Consider this adorable mini car accessory. It's tiny yet convenient and functional, keeping your vehicle clean and organized without taking up much space. It can accommodate tissues, wrappers, napkin, bottles and even unfinished drinking.

✅ HIGH QUALITY: Crafted from high-quality ABS plastic, this car trash can is waterproof and leak-proof, safeguarding your car's interior from spills and messes. No more cleaning up after accidents – keep your car looking pristine. Plus, with the included high-strength hook, simply attach it to any suitable spot in your car for a secure hold, even during bumpy rides, ensuring it won't fall off or tip over.

✅ MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: Ideal for use in cars as well as at home, in the office, kitchen, bedroom, and more, this compact bin's versatile design lets you dispose of trash wherever needed. A must-have for every car owner, this reliable and stylish trash can helps you stay organized and keeps your surroundings clean.

📋 Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: This little trash can is very cute, how many trash can it collect?
A: It can collect a lot of small garbage in the car. It has more capacity space than the cup holder trash can.

Q: What size trash bags?
A: 12x12 in (30x30cm) trash bag will be suitable for our this car garbage can.