Bench Hand Plane With 2-Inch Blade

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The Tool For Woodworking Enthusiasts!

“I did some rough work and then sharpened it and it performs great! Better than my previous tool. It saves me a bunch of time. I don't know how they can produce a quality product for this price.” - Jim L. 

Why Buy Our Bench Hand Plane?

EASY TO USE: High-impact handles are contoured and polished for a comfortable hold. It has also adjustable gear that allows you to achieve precise results. 

SMOOTH FINISH: Designed for woodworking, mainly for creating even and plane surfaces. This is also ideal for leveling off high spots and for general planing. It’s made with a durable steel alloy blade which makes quality cuts and also has a durable cast iron body that provides stability and strength. 


  • Parts of this tool are extremely sharp. Care must be taken at all times when handling them. To avoid injury the tool should always be held with two hands.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:  

Q: How to use the product?


  1. Hold the tool with both hands. Put the palm of one hand on the top of the front handle, and firmly grab the rear handle with the other hand.
  2. Place the tool with its sole on the workpiece. Push and pull along the surface of the workpiece with the rear handle, while pressing down hard on the front handle.

Q: How to adjust this?

A: Turn the depth adjustment wheels to adjust the depth of the cut. 

  • Turn the depth adjustment wheels clockwise to move the blade in for increasing the cutting depth. 
  •  Turn the depth adjustment wheels counterclockwise to move the blade out to reduce the cutting depth.



  • Product Dimensions: ‎9.8 x 4.8 x 2.5 inches
  • Item Weight: 2.66 pounds


  • 1x  Bench Hand Plane With 2-Inch Blade