Bar and Chain Oil

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Premium Quality Oil 👌

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This product works well in my 16" chainsaw and cordless pole saw. When trimming trees/branches, etc., it prevents the chain from being clogged by sawdust and other gunk. The oil lubricates the chains and keeps them from collecting too much dust while in use. –Matt Smith

How Great is this Bar and Chainsaw Oil? 🌟

Universal: Made of premium quality lubrication perfect for all chainsaw brands.

Efficient: Prolong the life of your bars and chainsaws, the oil lubricates all the cutting components and eliminates corrosion and wear.

Viscosity: Bar & Chain Oil has been specially formulated to provide extra tackiness and avoid "throw off" even in extreme weather.

📝Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the effects of using this oil?
A: Increases engine efficiency, reduces friction, and faster cutting time.

Q: How does anti-corrosion work in this oil?
A: Friction between the chain and the bar is reduced. The chain chassis is protected, and the saw chain is less likely to break. Resists the formation of deposits like sap.