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If you own a car, this is one thing you thought you never needed.. Until now

Why do we need an Automatic Tire Inflator? 

When you are pumping your tires, you are used to the manual inflator that hurts your hands and arms. Or you go to the gas station to have it pumped. Too much hassle if you ask me. 

Add the fact that you never know if you got the right pressure, it may be under or overpressure. It may even cause you problems like accidents or an increase in fuel consumption. 

automatic tire inflator

So to ease your worries and make your life easier, Automatic Tire Inflator is here to help you with your needs. Even if you don't know anything about tires or even if you don't own a car, this Automatic Tire Inflator can help you in checking and maintaining the optimum performance of your car. 

Fewer expenses, less time, and more travel with the Automatic Tire Inflator. 

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Why buy our Automatic Tire Inflator? 

It is super PORTABLE. Automatic Tire Inflator with its compact design makes it easy to lift or keep in your car. It is easy to carry around and use anytime you need. 

It has AUTOMATIC PUMPING AND AUTO SHUT-OFF functions. You don't need to pump this manually or even watch for it to finish because you can just press a button and it will automatically pump your tires and shut off once it is done. 

Of course, it is EASY TO USE. It is very easy to use, just plug into the car adapter or cigarette socket, set to the desired air pressure using digital controls (use "R" button to set the screen to "psi" if necessary), connect and then press "on" and let it do its job. 

There is no need to find a gas station just to fill the air to your tires.

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MULTI-PURPOSE. This Automatic Tire Inflator has three (3) different nozzle attachments that can be used to other inflatables and sports equipment. It's not only for your vehicle tires but can also be used with balls, pools, balloons, and other sports equipment.

It is much better than going to the gas station or auto shop to get your tire cars inflated because now you can do it without hassle. Just press a button and you can do whatever you want because it will shut down on its own once it reaches the desired pressure. 

automatic tire inflator

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Question: What materials are used with the tire inflator?
Answer:  The automatic tire inflator is made with high-quality durable ABS plastic and stainless steel in a portable air compressor pump. Also, it is built with LED lights that can be used on the roadside emergencies during night time. The automatic tire inflator is built for long-lasting use.

Question: Does it stop when the air pressure is enough?
Answer: The automatic tire inflator is designed with an auto-shut off feature. When the tire inflator reaches the desired pressure, the air compressor will automatically turn off to prevent over-inflation of tires.

Question: What are the things you will see on the display?
Answer: The bright digital display will help you to see the current air pressure and to calculate the required tire air pressure and select the desired units, PSI, BAR, KPA, KG/CM².

Question: Does it inflate tires fast?
Answer: The automatic tire inflator can inflate a standard mid-sized car tire in under 10 minutes. 

Question: How long is the cable?
The automatic tire inflator has a long cable, approximately 12 feet to reach and inflate the wheels of a vehicle.

Question: Can it be used on multiple tires simultaneously?
Answer: Yes, it can be used but make sure to put an interval of 5-10 minutes cooldown time after every 12 minutes usage. 

Question: Can it only be used in vehicles or motorcycles?
Answer: The automatic tire inflator has 3 additional nozzles to be used for different needs. The different nozzle allows you to inflate sports equipment and other inflatable equipment with convenience. It can inflate motorcycle tires but take note that you need a cigarette socket for it to work.

Question: Is it easy to use?
Answer: The automatic tire inflator is simple to use, just plug the nozzle to the tire valve and lock it. The automatic tire inflator has a dedicated button to increase and decrease the needed air pressure, and a separate button to select the desired units, PSI, BAR, KPA, KG/CM².

Package Includes:
*1 portable automatic portable tire inflator
**Weight: around 2.2 lbs
**Dimensions: approximately10 x 6.4 x 3.9 inches

Disclaimer: You have to know the right pressure for your tire type before you use it to be truly effective and efficient.

No more going to the gas station or using a big and old tire inflator. Automatic Tire Inflator makes your job or objectives easier by being portable and available to use anytime, anywhere. 

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