Auto Rebound Ab Wheel

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An Effective Ab Workout!

I really enjoy using this ab cruncher because it is very easy to use and you still get the same results without working as hard! - Aaron Slater

Why Buy Our Auto Rebound Ab Wheel?

✅ROLLER: Get the most out of your ab workout with our Auto Rebound Ab Wheel! It makes it incredibly easy to get more reps in with its auto rebound feature. It does all of this while making it easy to be in the proper form and making the most out of your workouts with its comfortable elbow pads & handles. This also includes a timer for you to further optimize your workouts!

✅STABLE: This has a widened wheel which makes it easier to balance & stabilizer yourself. It makes it so that when you’re working out you can focus on the core muscle itself and hit the correct spot you want to build muscle to. It also makes it safe as it reduces lateral sway and any mishaps that may come from it.

✅DESIGN: It’s made of incredibly high-quality materials in multiple layers that’s precisely engineered. It has an anti-slip layer which makes it usable even when covered in liquid, a reinforcement layer, damping later, mute layer & noise reduction layers! This makes it smooth, durable & quiet! This also has thick foam for the handles & elbows which just makes it more comfortable for you!

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What material is it made of?

A: It’s made out of stainless steel.

Q: What’s the weight recommendation for this?

A: Its maximum weight recommendation is 661 lbs.