Auto-Adjust In Line T-Track Clamp

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"This is an amazing clamp, the auto-adjustment is a charm! It makes my life so much easier.” - Connor Owens

Why Buy Our Auto-Adjust In Line T-Track Clamp?

✅CLAMP: Tired of constant manual adjustments while you work? Get our Auto-Adjust In Line T-Track Clamp! Saving you precious time and eliminating unnecessary hassle. Craft with confidence, knowing our versatile t-bolt and 360-degree rotation feature provide the adaptability you need for a clamp in a T-track.

✅DESIGN: It’s easily operated with one hand & it smoothly glides along the T-track for seamless adjustments. It has a powerful & versatile clamping pressure of 25 to 550 lbs, and benefits from the convenience of a push bar for a generous horizontal clamping span of 3.75 inches.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will this work with Kreg Klamp track?

A: Yes, it will.

Q: Can the T-Bolt be removed, and just a 1/4x20 thread used?

A: Yes, you can.