Aluminum Rear Car Tow Hook

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Enhances Your Rear & Made Towing Easy!

"This was exactly what I was looking for. It seemed well-built and came with all the hardware. The installation was pretty simple, and it looks really nice on the car. It adds a flare to it and makes it easy to tow in the future. I also use it to stand on when I’m reaching the roof rack. Overall, I’m satisfied with my purchase!” - Leo Brooks

Why Buy Our Aluminum Rear Car Tow Hook?

✅UPGRADE: Easily improve your vehicle’s rear hook by simply installing our Rear Tow Hook! It gives your vehicle an aesthetic appearance and allows for easy towing that can get your car or other vehicles to safety.

✅EASY INSTALLATION: It comes with all the installation you need to install it quickly on your vehicle’s rear hook. It can support a tow weight of up to 5,000 LBS and fits most car models, making it more convenient to add a tow hook. 

✅HIGH QUALITY: This tow hook is made of high-quality aluminum alloy with an anodized surface, ensuring its durability, rust resistance, and protection against harsh conditions for long-time use.


  • As long as you have a hook on your car, you can install our rear tow hook. Some car models can be directly installed without modification, and some need to be equipped with their own parts or need to be modified before installation.
  • This tow hook is not a recovery hook. It's meant to pull other cars along the pavement to safety or when your car breaks down in the middle of the road. 

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the tow hook rated for?

A: It can support a tow weight of up to 5,000 LBS.

Q: Will it fit a 1998 Acura Integra?

A: This rear tow hook works on most cars; as long as you have a hook on your vehicle’s rear, it will fit.

Q: Can I use this on the front hook of my car as well?

A: No, this is specifically designed to be installed on the rear of your vehicle.