All-Around Compact Wrench

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Are your tools comfortable to use? If not… then this might be the solution

Why do we need an All-Around Compact Wrench?

You see wrenches, in general, are cold to the touch and slippery. When you are angling or fervently reaching for that screw or bolt, you just might not get it because your wrench is already uncomfortable to hold and it is either slippery, short on the handle or cannot grasp that screw so well.

What’s more, when you can’t see the screw, you are not sure if the wrench you are using will take hold. Remember, bolts, nuts and screws have different sizes hence the different types of wrenches.

We know the struggle, that is why All-Around Compact Wrench was born. It is an almost all-in-one wrench that can function as 8 different types of screws, bolts, and nuts. So no need to worry and search for the right kind of wrench because this one can do all the work for you. 

Why buy our All-Around Compact Wrench?

It has a wide variety of uses, thus very VERSATILE. This tool can adapt to different uses. It can be used for building furniture, for automotive works, or simply regular repairs at home. It can fit 8 types of screws, bolts, and nuts.

NO MORE CARRYING HEAVY TOOLBOX! This All-Around Compact Wrench can replace multiple wrenches, no need to carry that heavy, lugging toolbox or numerous wrenches with you every time you work.

It allows you to effortlessly SCREW AND UNSCREW HARD TO REACH BOLTS AND NUTS. When you are having a hard time reaching those hard to reach places, All-Around Compact Wrench will help you with its 360 degrees rotation that can swivel in all directions. 

No more swinging or rotating like crazy! Also, if you can just try one you will that at just 45 degrees, you can already pop off a bolt even if it is super tight.

NO MORE PAINFUL HANDS OR SLIPPERY TOOLS. This wrench is designed with an anti-slip rubber grip to give you a comfortable and proper grip to prevent your hands from slipping on the wrench and hurting yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Question: What type of screws or bolts can it be used?
Answer: The All-Around Compact Wrench is built with eight (8) sleeves or socket that correspond to 8 types of screws or bolts. This tool works with spline bolts, 5-Point, 6-Point, 8-Point, and 12-Point. One tool that can replace multiple tools.

Question: Is it comfortable to use?
Answer: The All-Around Compact Wrench is designed with a rubber grip on the handle that makes it easier to hold. The handle has the perfect grip to keep your hand on tightly without slipping. This tool has an anti-slip handle which provides more ease of use and increases work efficiency.

Question: Is it applicable to standard and metric sizes of screws?
Answer: The All-Around Compact Wrench has a unique tooth design that allows the tool to be used in both standard and metric sizes of screws and bolts. Simply rotate the head for needed size, no more carrying heavy toolboxes.

Question: How to check the sizes of the socket on this tool?
Answer: On every socket head of the tool has numeric etchings to show the corresponding sizes that are needed to use. The 360° rotating heads give easy access to the sizes, both ends of the tool have the sockets with different sizes.

Question: Is this wrench tool durable?
Answer: The All-Around Compact Wrench is built with high-quality metal and fully-polish finish to provide corrosion protection for long-lasting use.

Package Includes:
*1 all-around compact wrench
     **Dimensions: approximately 1.9 x 1.8 x 10 inches
     **Weight: approximately 1.15 lbs

No more uncomfortable and aching hands with this All-Around Compact Wrench. No more heavy toolbox to drag around. All-Around Compact Wrench is here to make your life easier.