Adjustable Standing Aid Tool

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Stand Up Better & Easier!

I have bad knees and It is a good thing I bought this tool! I use it to lift myself off the floor and when I have to bend down low. I love it; it’s super helpful. I mainly use it to lift myself from the toilet when doing floor exercises and gardening. I highly recommend it!” - Angela Torres

Why Buy Our Adjustable Standing Aid Tool?

CONVENIENT: There are times when you need an extra boost, and with this lightweight mobility aid tool, you can easily stand, sit, or move things around with the help you need. It can support up to 600 LBs and has a durable handle, ensuring you can stand up from the floor with no hassle!

FLEXIBLE: It has 6 snap-on adjustments that can be adjusted to your height, perfect for helping you get up or sit on the floor. It provides the support you need to get up from a kneeling position in a smooth, controlled movement.

TOP QUALITY: This mobility aid tool has a larger and non-slip base for more support, is sturdy and stable so that you can stand without tipping over, and acts as an extension of your arm when gardening or completing household chores. 

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will this work in sand & water at the beach?

A: This tool’s main purpose is to help you stand up from a kneeling position. You can use it on the beach, but not in the water, although you can use it next to the pool.

Q: What is the maximum height of this tool?

A: It has a height ranging from 17.5” to 22.6”.