Adjustable Lawn Leveling Rake

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Size: 30" x 10" (6.5ft)
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Level Out Your Lawns!

"Works great, a 1,000 percent improvement over using a rake. Made leveling the lawn not easy, but certainly easier.” - Ollie Wallace

Why Buy Our Adjustable Lawn Leveling Rake?

✅RAKE: Make your lawn beautiful and less of a tripping hazard with our Adjustable Lawn Leveling Rake! It has a perfectly spaced rake that makes it a dream to push and pull soil material on your lawn. You won’t have any problems with topsoil, sand, manure, compost, peat moss & more with this!

✅DESIGN: It has an adjustable handle that can extend out up to 6.5ft by screwing and unscrewing parts of the handle. This makes it more adjustable for your needs to spread out material in a longer or shorter lawn space. It’s also incredibly durable and less shaky and rattly compared to other rakes.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I use it to remove sticks?

A: No, it is not preferable to use this to sift out sticks from your lawn.

Q: Can I use this for manure?

A: Yes, you can use it for that material.