Adjustable Flow Spray Emitters

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Style: 25 Pieces
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An Effective Irrigation System!

I love the way they can be adjusted from dripping to a full spray to off with just a quick twist of the emitter head! High quality & reliable too! - Logan Walter

Why Buy Our Adjustable Flow Spray Emitters?

✅EMITTER: Tired of having to manually water your garden every single day? Get our Adjustable Flow Spray Emitters! It connects to your irrigation system and provides a spray or drip based on what you’re watering. You can time it and set it up as you wish making it an indispensable tool for every gardener.

✅VERSATILE: This is an incredibly versatile emitter as you can simply twist the dial on the head to change the amount of water it’s spraying from a drip to practically a sprinkler. To improve its versatility it connects to any ¼” tubing alongside being able to punch it in ½ drip tubing.

✅DESIGN: This is a high-quality durable emitter being able to withstand about 25 PSI. With its 6 inch long stake & adapter barbs you can expect this emitter to stay rooted even when the soil is saturated in water. This comes in 25 or 100 pieces making it convenient for those who have multiple pots & disconnected pieces of land that they’re growing on.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How would you mount this to get it to spray horizontally across the soil?

A: You would mount it vertically & adjust the spray pattern based on what you’re growing.

Q: What is its maximum PSI? Can it be used with lower PSI?

A: It can handle up to 25 PSI and lower PSI’s are fine as long as it suits your watering needs.