3-Way AC Manifold Gauge Set

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Know Your HVAC Problems Before They Worsen!

"Works really well, the hoses are long enough and the manifold gauge itself is easy to operate. Was able to easily charge the car AC." - Stephen G.

Why Buy Our 3-Way AC Manifold Gauge Set?

COMPLETE: Has a 3-way gauge, 3 color-coded hoses, 2 adjustable 1/4'' quick couplers, a 1/4'' to 1/2'' adapter, and both self-sealing and puncture-style can tap. Enjoy a hassle-free setup and easy operation as you nip your HVAC problems in the bud.

WIDE APPLICATION: This Manifold Gauge Set works with R134a, R12, R22, and R502 refrigerants and is ideal for both DIY and professional HVAC maintenance. It allows you to measure your system's pressure, evacuate, and refill coolant. Comes with a heavy-duty blow-molded carrying case comes included for easy storage and transport between jobs

DURABLE: With compact ball valve ends with leak-resistant back fittings that provide dependable connections as well as a 4-layered design that makes sure that moisture won't disturb your refrigerant during use.


  • Works with R134a, R12, R22, & R502
  • You need a Vacuum Pump to work with this product

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How to use this?


  1. Make sure the valves are set to the open position by turning the valve counterclockwise.
  2. Attach the pressure valves to the appropriate AC line connector.
  3. Once all lines are attached make sure the lines are free from any moving parts from the engine compartment.
  4. Open both valves in the gauge manifold.
  5. Start the vehicle and start its air conditioning system.
  6. Monitor the results on the gauges and reference the results to the owner's manual as necessary.
  7. If required, charge your vehicle with the appropriate refrigerant. To do this,
    1. Make sure you have the correct refrigerant for this may damage your vehicle if incorrect.
    2. Connect the yellow line from the manifold to the refrigerant and open the valve on the tank. Be sure to bleed the yellow line using the bleeder valve. This removes any and all air that could potentially find its way into your AC system.
    3. Start your vehicle and turn on your AC system. Open the valves and allow the system to fill, monitoring the gauges until they reach the appropriate pressure.

Q: Are the gauges liquid filled?

A: The gauges are not liquid-filled.