7 Way Trailer Cable With Junction Box Kit

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Size: 7 Way 8 ft Trailer Cable With Junction Box Kit
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Splice & Modify Your Trailer Easily!

"THIS WAS A GREAT PRODUCT! The Junction box included with this setup allowed an amateur like me to completely rewire a 20ft utility trailer!” - Marcus Lake

Why Buy Our 7 Way Trailer Cable With Junction Box Kit?

✅WIRING: Make your trailer wiring hassle-free with our 7 Way Trailer Cable With Junction Box! Featuring easy splicing, the color-coded wires come with durable insulation for a convenient and efficient setup. Versatile and practical, this cable is designed to connect essential functions like tail lights, brakes, signals, and more, ensuring a safer and smoother towing experience for your trailers, RVs, and campers!

✅DESIGN: Available in lengths of 8 ft and 16 ft, this is a great wiring solution. The 7-way copper blade plug ensures a secure and quick connection of your wire harness, maintaining order in your trailer wiring. Crafted with durable materials and weatherproof design, this extension cord provides a flexible and corrosion-resistant link between your trailer and vehicle, promising a prolonged and reliable performance on the road.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What type of color-coding is on the wiring?

A: The color-coded is suitable for most standard trailer wiring, some may differ due to different trailer manufacturers, please check if it is suitable for your trailer before ordering.

Q: Do I need a battery for this?

A: You will need a battery in order for the breakaway function to operate.