7-Round Pin Trailer Plug Maintenance Kit

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Keep Your Truck & Trailer Connectors In Their Best Condition!

This kit makes quick and easy work of checking semi-trailer light cord (7-way) cables. It is easy to not only check the operation of the lights but also the condition of the pins inside the connector. I use it every time I perform a federal inspection on a customer unit. I highly recommend it!” - Jacob Parker

Why Buy Our 7-Round Pin Trailer Plug Maintenance Kit?

EFFICIENT: Easily and efficiently test, clean, and restore your 7-way round pin connectors with our kit! It contains a trailer light tester that will verify the tow vehicle is sending the proper signal to the connector, along with the cleaning tools that will remove the corrosion and restore the proper pin size on both male and female plugs, ensuring they are in optimal condition.

RELIABLE: When it's added to your preventative maintenance techniques, our kit will make your life easier and prevent damage to your 7-way round pin connectors. It will also help you save money on constantly buying new plugs whenever they get damaged.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the red tube for?

A: It's a cleaner enhancer that will help extend the life of your connectors.

Q: How many cleaning tools are included in the kit?

A: It has 2 cleaning tools in different sizes included in the kit that will cover cleaning your 7-way round pin connectors.