4 PCS Car Wheel Dollies

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Hassle-Free Moving 👌

“These are great and easy to assemble. My Mazda3 needed to be moved around the garage, and my son also used it to move our boat. These wheel dollies make transporting easier and spare our backs from strain. This is highly recommended, very sturdy, and pretty easy to move things” - Tony Robinson

How Convenient Are These?  🧐 

Durable: Made of solid diamond plate steel with a rust-resistant gray powder finish. It has premium bearing axles that allow you to roll with less force than the standard dollies.

Strong: The weight capacity of each dolly is 1500 lbs with a total of 6000 lbs for a set of four. Tread of the wheel dolly is sunk and rough making it stable and won’t easily slip down.

Secure: It has 4 universal wheels for easy mobility and 2 locks that serve as a brake for quick stopping. Each dolly comes with a convenient carry handle for easy transportation.

Flexible: Great for transporting trucks, cars, boats, and heavy items while also saving storage space. Ideal for one person to move around and use in their garage or for commercial purposes.

📝Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I assemble the wheel dollies?
A: For the entire set, simply attach the wheels on the corner of the plates and secure it with a screw. 

Q: What are the wheels made of?
A: The wheels are made of rubber.

Q: Do these wheels roll on any surface?
A: The wheel dollies can smoothly roll on a concrete surface, but the weight of your load in the dollies still matters.