2PCS Tilt Leveling Gauge

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Level Your Tilted Vehicle Easily!

“I got these for leveling my camper van for overnight parking and it made my life much easier. They operate smoothly and are easy to read. The metal ball in oil is much better than any bubble level/gauge. These are also very well made in the USA and are accurate. I highly recommend them!” - Mario Taylor

Why Buy Our 2PCS Tilt Leveling Gauge?

PRECISE: This gauge monitors -10 to 10 degrees, ensuring you can level your tilted vehicle easily! Its brass ball rides in special damping fluid for smooth, accurate level readings. A perfect accessory for your RVs, campers, travel trailers, 5th wheel, tractor, truck, or any vehicle that tilts.

EASY TO READ: Its brass ball indicators in bright Saturn yellow tube assembly provide higher visibility than traditional bubble levels. It also has engraved and hand-painted numbers making for a functional, easy-to-read display.

SHATTERPROOF: The gauge is made out of a rugged copolymer "flex tube" for ultimate durability. It includes a piece of 3M VHB (Very-High Bond) adhesive tape on the back for easy stick-on mounting. It can be mounted on the inside or outside of your vehicle.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do you initially set these to level?

A: They are already set when they arrive, you can attach them on anything that is already leveled to check the accuracy. You can mount them (1) front to back and the other (1) side to side. You just look at them every time you park the trailer and adjust it to zeros to level it out.

Q: Do you have to use two of these levels in order to level in both planes?

A: Yes, one for side to side and one for front to back.