200cc Extraction & Fill Pump

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Change Your Car Fluids Easily!

"I wanted an oil change on the final gear drive and I surely don’t want to take my bike to the dealership as they will most likely charge me an arm and a leg. This tool does the trick! - Josh Parker

Why Buy Our 200cc Extraction & Fill Pump?

✅PUMP: Remove & fill the fluid you otherwise couldn’t with our 200cc Extraction & Fill Pump! It’s designed to remove and fill brake fluid, anti-freeze, gear oil, power steering fluid, and more making it incredibly versatile for whatever parts of your vehicle need fluid maintenance.

✅DESIGN: It comes with a hose extender that makes it easy to reach the deeper parts of your vehicle fluid containers resulting in a better job done. It has double-seals for brake fluid and anti-freeze, assembled on the plunger.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What are the inner and outer diameters of the tube?

A: The smaller tube that attaches to the pump is 0.155 ID and 0.236 OD with the larger tube 0.245 ID and 0.317 OD

Q: Is it long enough to extract engine oil?

A: No, it is not.