12-inch Plaster Scarifier

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Easily scratch undercoats with this! 💯

Using the Plaster Scarifier

“Almost 10 years of doing construction and using a good quality scarifier is a big help in applying stucco. This scarifier is sturdy and of good quality. Highly recommend this.”- Raymond H.
  Not using the Plaster Scarifier VS using the Plaster Scarifier

✅  EFFECTIVE: This 12-inch scarifier can make scratching undercoats easier, creating a rough finish to a stucco/plaster/base coat.

Create horizontal lines to the base coat of plaster using the Plaster Scarifier

📝  Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is this sturdy enough or is it flimsy?

A: It’s sturdy since it’s made of metal, making it perfect for effectively scratching stucco. 

Q: Do I need to put tape on the scarifier?

ASome users put tape on the plaster to provide a cleaner, more controlled look on the end, and to control the depth of the lines. It is up to you if you would want to put a tape on your scarifier.

Package inclusions
Horizontal lines in stucco from Plaster Scarifier