10 PCS AC Fin Comb Cleaner Kit

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Easy Fix Of Bent Fins & AC Cleaning!

“I used this kit to clean and fix my outdoor unit. We had some hail damage to the fins in the late part of last year. With this kit, I was able to straighten the bent fins and clean up the coils quickly. It is definitely a lot cheaper than having an HVAC tech come out.” - Matthew Anderson

Why Buy Our 10 PCS AC Fin Comb Cleaner Kit?

RELIABLE: This kit can easily and effectively repair bent fins and clean up the dirt in your air conditioners in minutes! Just insert the curved end of the brush into the interior of the AC unit to smoothly clean the condenser fins without damaging the coils. It is greatly used by both professionals & DIYers.

VERSATILE: It comes in different styles to meet and solve your various cleaning or repairing needs. Suitable for household and automotive fin applications, such as air conditioners, refrigerators, condensers, and more. Each fin comb is easy to store and identify, so you can carry it anywhere or keep it in your tool bag. 

DURABLE: The kit is made of high-quality lightweight material, making it durable and wear-resistant for long-time use. It also ensures you can check & clean your equipment regularly to improve its efficiency and prolong its service life.


  • These might not work on modern radiators that have lots of horizontal pieces and very fine radiator fins.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Are the comb teeth rigid or flexible?

A: The comb teeth are frigid enough to get the job done.

Q: What are the different fin spacing sizes?


  1. Orange: 8 and 10 Fins Per Inch
  2. Yellow 9 and 15 Fins Per Inch
  3. Blue 11 and 13 Fins Per Inch
  4. Green 12 and 14 Fins Per Inch
  5. Lime 16 and 17 Fins Per Inch
  6. Red 18 and 20 Fins Per Inch