How to use a Stucco and Cement Sprayer?

Tips on how to use a Stucco and Cement Sprayer









Planning on fixing your shed or garage walls? Skip the traditional trowel and manual paving and use a 6 Bar Jet Wall Stucco and Cement Sprayer! It saves time, material and is efficient in getting the job done!

The first thing to do is make sure that your tools and materials are complete. Remember, for your Stucco and Cement Sprayer to work you'll need an air compressor for it. For this, the type of sprayer we have is called a hopper. A hopper sprayer uses an air compressor to push stucco or cement through the nozzle then you spray it on the wall or ceiling for textured finishes.

Make sure that the hopper sprayer you have is compatible with the size of the air compressor you have.

Step 1

Mix the material that you will use. Make sure to read the instructions of the manufacturer of the spray you bought if there is. This is because there are some guns that require more water content than others.

Step 2

Cover the areas you don't want the texture you are spraying to get onto with plastic. A common occurrence in these types of projects will splatter, so it's best to be prepared. After that add it to the sprayer.

Step 3

Apply your texture. Spray the material on the ceiling and walls with even movement to cover the areas consistently. If the mixture has thickened you can add water to the hopper and continue spraying again.

What is Stucco

It is cement, sand, and lime mixed with water. It is normally referred to as a durable exterior coating.

6 Bar Jet Wall Stucco and Cement Sprayer

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