How To Repair Small Holes in Drywall

Most of us have live in a house long enough that you’ll notice some holes and cracks on wall that need to be repaired. If a little part of the wall is soiled or damaged, you’ll have to cut that out, cover up and fix the wall.

Nevertheless, repairing small holes and cracks in drywall doesn't take much time or effort. Here are the steps for Repairing Small Holes in Drywall:

Prep the Hole in the Wall

First step in How To Repair Small Holes in Drywall

Sand the area around the hole to smooth and clean any rough spots. Then, wipe off the sanding dust with a damp rag or cloth. But if its small hole caused by nails and screws you can just directly proceed to adding the spackling.

Cover with a Mesh

Cover the hole with a drywall repair patch

After, sanding and cleaning the area around the hole. Choose a drywall repair patch that is the proper size for your wall. The majority of small holes have a diameter of 1/2 to 1 1/2 inches. To make wall restoration quick and easy, drywall repair patches are made to be peeled and quickly apply to walls, which leaves a smooth finish.

Spread the Spackling

spread spackling on the wall

Once you apply the drywall patch, use a putty knife to spread the appropriate amount of spackling compound over the repair. To fill in the hole in your wall, evenly distribute the material. Some spackling takes an hour to dry, while others just take 30 minutes to dry, depending on how much you used.


sanding the wall

Check to see if the spackle is already dry. After you're satisfied with the spackle, sand the area to make it smoother, cleaner, and more even. If needed, add a second thin layer before sanding to ensure that the hole is completely covered.


How To Repair Small Holes in Drywall

Repairing doesn't have to be a pain these days. Many folks perform their own home improvement without any pros or assistance. Repairing small holes, like this one, does not require professional expertise or cost too much money.

You can simply fix small holes and cracks on your own with this kit. Just follow these steps and your good to go and once done you can even do your own paint job for your dry wall.

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